Play Mahjong Titans Game Online for Free!

Conditions for playing Mahjong Titans

Some players want a timer that leaves you in a rush and a commotion that prevents you from relaxing, thinking, and relaxing. There is nothing superfluous about mahjong titans.

The design features of the program allow you to play mahjong titans on laptops, desktops, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This is great, because a holiday for fun is not only about working in the office or at home, but also, for example, on the go.

Why play mahjong titans?

There is no need to talk about the Mahjong Titans online game. Everything here resembles the usual Shanghai Mahjong: 144 bones arranged in a pyramid of five layers resembling a turtle. The analysis of this pyramid (which is the subject of the game) is to draw several dice of the same type at once:

  • How many moves you make and how much time do you spend on it – it doesn’t matter – a game without time;
  • To remove bones from the pyramid, no other bones must be on the right (and / or left). In advance of course;
  • It is advisable to count forward movements at least 2-3 steps. This means that it is a good idea to prepare a few more moves before taking the next step. Such planning of disassembly movements increases your chances of successfully solving the puzzle. Good luck on Mahjong Titans!

Mahjong Titans game description

The essence of the game is to remove all dominoes from the playing field.

This version of the game uses Chinese dominoes arranged in a five-level pyramid. In total, the game includes 3 sets of dice (hieroglyphs, coins and bamboo), pieces with the sides of the world, birds and geisha.

Unlike many solitaire options, there is no time limit – you can think long and hard about each step.

Due to the bulky nature of solitaire, the most convenient way to disassemble it is to roll it out to full-screen mode – it’s hard to see the denominations of dominoes in collapsed mode.

Mahjong Titans rules

To clear the field, you must remove two identical dominoes. Only tiles that are on the edges of the pyramid and not covered with the top layer of tiles are removed.

The difficulty of the game is that one wrong move can result in a loss while there are still chips in the field and you cannot take a step. You can avoid this situation by thinking a few steps ahead of your actions.